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 I thought I’d do something different and write about my beauty (or lack of it) routine/ what I use/ how much time I spend getting ready etc.

Of a weekday I get up at 6am and the boys tend to get up at 630am this gives me half hour to do any outstanding lunch actions (that sometimes I’m too lazy to do the night before!) get Rue’s milk ready in time for Fireman Sam to come on and get ready …. not much time is it. So every day I basically have to choose between doing my hair nicely or putting my face on and my face always wins – I can’t leave the house without powdering my eyebrows on 😉 I use a small handful of products and try to keep it to ten minutes maximum.

My key products are:

Going forward I’m really keen to move away from using mascara, mainly because I’m so precise in how I like it to go on that it can take me a long time to get it on to a standard I’m happy with that sometimes it just stresses me, the lovely Katy at my work uses the Eyelure individual lashes which I’m keen to try and see how I get on applying them and wearing them, I think they last between 3 – 4 weeks and that would make my life so much easier as honestly mascara does stress me out.

Other products I use for removing make up or cleansing include the staple Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water & the No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser. I exfoliate my face once a week to as I find this helps my make-up stay on longer and better as my skin is fresher and cleaner 🙂 Eyebrows again aren’t an area I spend much time on in terms of maintenance, I’ve never plucked them as it’s just too much effort so I generally use a little battery operated trimmer and go around the edges ha!

Hair products I’ve always been a big Redken fan since my cousin introduced it to our family many years ago but it’s something I now consider to be a luxury in terms of essentials so at the moment I’m all out, instead of using Aussie shampoo/ conditioner/ dry shampoo ( I l i  v e on dry shampoo!) and my sweet mama brought me two massive bottles of TIGI Bedhair shampoo (the ones that come with a pump, I love pump shampoos!). Admittedly I wash my hair twice a week, on the same day and time every week, always a Wednesday morning (as I’m not at work) and a Saturday morning. I very rarely straighten it now adays maybe once every 4 weeks if that! I use this coconut serum by OGX after washing to help with any damage and then to flatten it & take away the wispy bits I’ve been using this coconut hair shine  from the BodyShop for years!

Body – for my birthday my cousin treated me to some products from the bodyshop eekk 🙂 again this is classed as a luxury purchase in our financial side so stuff like this is kind of off limits, we normally just pick up some bubble bath with our food shop or sometimes my mum brings some Sanex round for us. So I received the ‘honeymania’ bubble bath from the Bodyshop which I just absolutely loved! It went quite quickly considering I don’t spend an awful lot of time relaxing in the bath ha! Also in the bag was the coconut body milk (I totally have a thing for coconut don’t i) which I’m using now and spritz it on everytime I get out of the bathroom, WM always comments how lovely I smell whenever I have it on 🙂 before that I’ve been using Palmers body butter ever since I got pregnant with Rue and I love that smell of that and how soft it left my skin afterwards.



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