b a b y i s c o m i n g ♡

31 weeks ….. babys coming soon-ish  ♥

 & I’m so excited like so excited! 

We’ve been buying a few little bits lately, we’re not going crazy just a few bits & we picked up some gorgeous up to 1 month old babygrows the other day & honestly I can’t really remember Rue being that small 🙁 I somehow need to find a way to capture & retain that new-born tininess!


I thought I’d share what we’ve picked up & what we’re planning on picking up over the next few weeks plus some ideas for anyone close to us who has asked us if we need anything 🙂

  • These gorgeous wrap over baby grows from H&M – I think these are just beautiful, how practical they are I’m not sure but I couldn’t resist
  • We picked up two sets of babygrows from Next – my aunty gave us a giftcard at Christmas which we’ve used to get baba a few bits, so helpful!
  • This gorgeous little hat from Joules which I picked up in the sale for £1.95, I love the style of these hats with the little knot at the top & black is totally a neutral colour for either or
  • Their first teddy, Rue’s first teddy was Snowy the Penguin from the Little White Company so it only seemed right to get baba a Little White Company teddy too, this time I opted for the Bunny which is just so cute, I also picked this up with 20% off a free delivery using one of those inserts that come in magazines, winning 🙂
  • This time I’m going to try and be a bit more organised & hopefully less trance like & hopefully take monthly milestone photos using these gorgeous ones I picked up when Rue was six months old which was like totally the wrong time 😐
  • I also picked up a gorgeous jumper from Mamma & Mini on Etsy, here (I came across Mamma&Mini on insta) the one I picked was well I can’t share yet but my second choice is this gorgeous fluffy jumper (here) which is next on my list!



On our list or I should say my little list of stuff 😉 is

  • Mezaya baby sling, here, I’ve mentioned before my love for both My WildBird and SollyBabyWrap fabric slings but being American based just doesn’t work out for me, so you can imagine how I felt when I came across Mezaya on instagram (I honestly think I’m finding so many amazing people on there) & I’m so excited to purchase one, I have my eye on the ‘London Light’ linen version and it’s pencilled into our budget spreadsheet for February for us to buy yay! We’ll also be using our Ergo 360 as we love that, I think WM might feel more comfortable with the Ergo, the Mezaya is mainly for me 😉 GOT
  • TurtleDove London – I’ve mentioned TurtleDove London before, I love them as does Gowar, Mrs Mills your next on my list to convert across to shopping with them. Their new range has recently come out and it’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I have two things on my list this gorgeous black & white stripe romper for summer days, here,  & these beautiful swaddle/extra large muslims, here. Muslims I always find it’s worth spending that bit more so the quality is super soft, this isn’t something I would have known first time round, I found M&S were the best! GOT BOTH
  • Skiphop changing rucksack, here. I sold our changing bag with Rue as it was a shoulder style one & that just didn’t work for me or papa, I got the approval from papa on this one 😉
  • Travel changing mat from Mamas & Papas, here. Even though there’s one included in the bag above i’d like this one for the top of our changing unit & also to act as a spare as we all know these don’t stay clean for long!
  • Gro egg, here. We have one of these already for Rue but we’ll need one in both rooms for a little while, I swear by this little egg. oohh & it’s on sale 😉
  • Sister & Co, mother & baba cream, here. I think this will come in so handy for us both & even Rue who still suffers with cradle cap sometimes.
  • Finally on our list is a buggy board, here, we made the decision to not buy a double buggy as really Rue refuses to go in his but at the same time refuses to walk, toddler issues. We thought we’d invest in a buggy board instead, but second hand of course because you never know if your going to get your moneys worth & we’ve wasted money before.


One request I do have with us getting closer to meeting baby bab & people are going to want to come round & meet them please please can I ask that Rue gets prioritised first so he doesn’t feel left out in anyway, we obviously don’t know how he’s going to react but the last thing we want is for him to feel put aside (I don’t even know if a two year old can feel put aside but you know) also maybe just a little token for him (totally get if this isn’t possible as it means technically buying for two ha) but I’ve put a little list together if you feel you can just so he doesn’t see presents/ attention for his baby sister/brother and not him, i’ve tried to keep them all under £5 as well :). I might be being over the top but I don’t care he’s my first baby & I’m trying to look out for him.

  1. Kids play toaster from Wilkos, here
  2. Peppa Pig Magazine
  3. That’s not my plane book, here
  4. Play-doh rolling pins, here
  5. George Pig pants, size 3-4 , here

We’ve brought him a present from the baby which we’re planning on setting up/ might ask aunty Kelly to set up ready for him on the day we bring babs home just so it looks like baby has brought him something. I picked up an amazing deal on eBay which i’m so chuffed with, like so chuffed, its this Thomas mega bloks table & set, herewhich I got for a steal! I’m so excited to see his little face 🙂 I mean it is more plastic shit for us to store but hey it folds down 😉


just the cutest photo of my babs the other day that I couldn’t not share ♥


Alot of you have been asking how i’m feeling about baby coming & honestly I’ve not really given much thought about the birth because well you just have to go with the flow, there’s no point in getting worked up about it. We have an appointment at 36 weeks when we get the yay or nay on whether we can have the requested C-section we’ve asked for, Rue came by emergency c-section hence the potential opportunity to have this delivery again. But after seeing midwife this week she mentioned the guidelines have changed as of last week, apparantely there’s a high c-section rate in Swindon which they trying to bring down, we’re hoping that as we already requested it in November we should be okay. I don’t mind either way because if the situation is out of my control I just have to go with it right, there’s no point stressing about it. The one thing I am refusing is to be induced at all – it took four times with Rue and also to have fifty plus internal examinations because honestly knowone wants that right!

Too excited to meet you little one 


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