Autumn wear for my boys

so i’ve mixed this post up a little and decided instead of taking a million (well exaggerated there) photos of clothes for the babs i’ve recorded my first vlog eek! hopefully i come across as myself it’s a bit weird talking to a camera in my living room 😉 i’m pleased with how it came out, i recorded it straight which isn’t something i normally do, i also ran over the limit for uploading from my video software & theres no free space on my desk top 😐 so i had to trim a minute so if it jumps in two places this is why 😉

i hope you enjoy it, i mean its basically fifteen minutes of me talking about the boys/ clothes/ money and life ha! also Rue is watching Youtube for kids on my phone whilst i filmed it and i just wanted to point out that he doesn’t spend an awful lot of time using technology but its handy every now and then (esp. Ridleys nap time!)

ps if you look closely at the beginning you can see my rolls of fat ….. just keeping it real 😉

pps hate the angles of my nose in this video 😐


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