August f a v o u r i t e s

its favourites time, here i’ll be sharing my top five products of the month! some of which i’ve brought second hand/ on sale or that i’ve received as a gift.

first up it something i’ve waited and waited to purchase, mainly i’ve held off as its never the right time to spend £50 on an advent calendar, here,  for the boys especially when really i should buy car mats for the car as its getting ruined 🙁 so if i see something i like but don’t want to pay the full price i tend to check eBay out over the course of a month to see if it comes up, if no luck i’ll check google shopping to see if anyone has it on offer and i found this amazing calendar on offer!! it had £15 off plus free delivery winning ♥ i’ve seen so many people have the older version of the Ferm Living calendar and i’ve lusted over it year after year but this year we finally have one!


next up is this mamas & papas sleeping bag i picked up for Ridley, he’s slowly getting used to sleeping with his arms free (its been a slow process) sleeping bags are so expensive for babs so i took to eBay and picked this one up second hand for a mere £4 and isn’t it just gorgeous! this one isn’t available on their website anymore but i did see that their sleeping bags are £35 …..

thirdly is this little Burts Bee lipstick i picked up the other day, here in peony shade, i’ve been keen to try their lipsticks for a while and this one was £6. It fits perfectly in my purse so is totally ideal for this on the go mama, i don’t ever use a handbag anymore i either have the kids bags or my mother tote bag so the fact i can fit it into my purse works for me. it took a while to get use to as when i apply it – it has a strong taste/ feel of mint which takes some getting used to, i like it but i’m guessing a lot of people wouldn’t.

another second hand purchase is this Monki dress i got from eBay, i a d o r e Monki clothes, i love the quality, the range and especially the fit! their very generous with their sizes 😉 so i picked this up for my return to work & actually wore it into work the other day with my Docs and a denim jacket. so this cost me £1.99 and i was just ecstatic about it!  the other plus side is it has an elastic waist 😉

last up and by no means last is this wonderful bottle of La Vie est Belle De Perfume by Lancome, here, my oh my its just my favourite perfume ever! my aunty first brought me a bottle of this perfume many Christmases ago and its been my favourite ever since! i’d just ran out and was contemplating picking up a second bottle but its way out of my price range at roughly £70+ for a bottle so i was so chuffed to receive this as a gift! ♥ super spoilt! if you haven’t smelt it go try it on in Boots now!

i’ll be back soon with more favourites and also a wish list, its my birthday this week so i’m hoping to tick off some of my wishlist items from that 😉


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