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last weekend was Rues birthday weekend (post coming soon 😉 ) and we was meant to be taking him to Westonbirt Arboretum but the weather was so rubbish we didn’t make it! For Rue’s seconds birthday we went here and took his birthday present which was a balance bike and so thought it would be so lovely to do the same for his fourth birthday.

Westonbirt is perfect for riding bikes, lots of long straight flat paths and lots of rooms to not bump into other people and mainly no risk of riding through something you don’t want to! My dear friend Grace let us borrow her membership cards so we didn’t have to pay the £20 entry cost (thank you Grace!) Grace and i recently took the babies and we used her cards so we had a cute little day catching up and not having to pay anything!

Ridleys nap has changed lately and can make it a bit harder to know when to go out and how its going to work so we decided to leave early on Saturday morning, we left before 9am which is always nice as it means the roads are quiet, although this time the roads were just super foggy. When we arrived it was heaving – we arrived 30 minutes after opening, i’m guessing because the weather was so lovely people all had the same idea and everyone went crazy for Westonbirt. When we arrived we thought shit we’ve come on a day when theres an event on and we’re going to have to say to Rue riding your bike not work out with a shit load of people but even though the car parking was overflowing by 9:30am we didn’t have any problems with bumping into people with a bike, buggy and four of us!

on the way Ridley was whining like crazy at one point and then Rue had a mini break down and the fog was a lot and i looked at WM who was like ‘what the hell is this’ 😉 but it passed but yes nothing is ever easy on days out with kids, ever.

We had a lovely little morning walking around the grounds and Rue rode the whole flipping way which is kinda incredible as he’s only had the bike one week and been out on it three times, was so proud of him! you know when your expecting them to be bored and moan after a minute and your stuck with the bike but nope he was off! and loving it 🙂

we stopped for hot chocolate and the kids had lunch and then we came home at lunchtime as Ridley sleeps for 2 hours over lunch time, i didn’t manage a successful car to cot transfer but he went straight back down luckily!

So thank you Grace for a lovely free day out 💟


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