A much needed week off

I’ve just enjoyed nine lovely days off with my boys, my goodness it was SO amazing! ♥ It’s our first proper chunk of time off together since Christmas, we’ve had the odd day or two but that doesn’t really count right?! Admittedly I did write a to do list which looked like the below (at the time I thought hubby is going to hate me haha)

  • Finish chalkboard wall
  • Paint under stairs cupboard
  • Paint large frame to start something for KJR wedding
  • Touch up coving in lounge
  • Remove TV bracket from bedroom and touch up
  • Meal planning & food shop lists for a month
  • Paint fences
  • Burger venue in Bristol
  • Get rid of tv unit & do wires
  • Clean kitchen cupboards and unit tops
  • Fix radiator cover in lounge

The blue is mama tasks and the red is papa tasks, the only one which we didn’t get round to do and I had it more down as a reminder was the painting of our fences.

I thought I’d give a little break down of what we did each day & it’s also good for me to remember what we did and reminisce

 Saturday we didn’t have many plans other than a lovely family meal in the evening, which was hosted by my amazing aunty and it was a fantastic evening! She is the best hostess 🙂 Baba was a grumpy boy for most of the morning :[ we ventured over to Toys R Us, this place is fab to kill an hour or two, so many toys to play with and aisles to run up and down! We did actually go to buy something, this time 😉

 Sunday we again didn’t have any plans, but when we woke up the weather was so lovely that come 8am we decided we’d go out for the day, we didn’t want to spend any money so thought a National Trust property would fit the bill. Luckily with summer approaching I had done some research the weeks before to see what properties are close by to us, we only really like to visit properties that are an hour drive time away just because the majority of the time baba will fall asleep on the way there and way home and we don’t want him sleeping to long else bedtime becomes hard work :[

I’ve done a separate post on our trip to Cliveden which is below, it’s a fab day trip definitely recommend it when the weather is nice.

Tuesday was the first day of it just being a day of mama and papa, we pay for Rues nursery regardless of whether he’s there or not, so if he’s poorly we still pay and if we go on holiday we still pay :[ this is the norm for a lot of nursery’s now but it’s still slightly annoying, therefore we decided to send him to nursery and it gave us a chance to tackle that list 🙂 we had a lovely visit from the amazing Gowar and baby jack, it was so lovely to see them & for William to meet them both for the first time, he was absolutely fab with baba!

 Wednesday the three of us went to Bristol Zoo, this has been on our to do list for ages but we’ve been reliant on weather and money. It was a gorgeous day when we woke up so we go dressed for the weather, me I’d cover rue up all day long to keep him safe papa on the other hand wanted to put him in shorts. Shorts won, but just as I was packing up the car, ever tried to pack up the car and watch a running toddler and set the sat nav up whilst your hubby is puffing on his vap, it’s not great and because of this rue fell over onto that really horrible concrete type stuff you have in old style school playgrounds. Rue bless him had his first proper graze and the noise sure did let us know about it, we took him inside and cleaned him up and thought okay he’ll be okay now, nope we was wrong! He cried the whole bloody way to Bristol Zoo, the whole way. So much so that I had enough of trying to concentrate with rue screaming in the back, so when we hit some traffic papa jumped in the back to try and attempt to calm him down, it half worked. We got to the Zoo and thought okay this will take his mind off it (we booked online the night before as you save 10% plus the tickets are valid for use 365 from purchase, handy) he was clingy at first but then he was off, I put his dungarees on to help him take his mind off his graze as he kept looking at it and crying. Plus if he fell again I thought it might protect him a little. My view on taking an eighteen month whirlwind to the zoo is don’t expect to enjoy it or see much of it. WM was really looking forward to going into the Butterfly House, we got in there we looked around and by the time we looked down Rue had run to the over side and was on his way out of there, so you get the picture of how the day went. But still it was lovely to be together and see the animals, briefly and to be outside. Plus the highlight was Rue slept the whole way home, driving in traffic on the motorway in peace and quiet you wouldn’t believe how blissful this is!

 Thursday is Rue’s day with his nanny so we thought it’d be nice for us to have a lazy morning and then for Rue to spend some time with nanny. I had heard someone mention the Three Brothers burger place in Bristol so we checked out the menu and it’s safe to say WM nearly fainted, this guy and his food 🙂 the best bit was that it’s set on a boat, so we sat outside on this boat with the gorgeous weather and had an adult conversation with hot food, anyone who knows me knows I ALWAYS let WM have the hot meal whilst I tend to baba, whether we’re at home or out. We then took a stroll around the habourside and sat down and just chilled, was so lovely. We stopped off at Ikea beforehand because we love Ikea, you can never go to Ikea too often plus we’re always looking for ways to improve how to arrange our home.

 Friday and it’s another (the final) mama and papa day. I dropped baba off at nursery at 730am and then when I got back papa was already finishing off the chalkboard in the kitchen, I must admit I was shocked. I then became even more shocked when he asked for a bucket so he could clean the whole outside of the conservatory, including the windows, guttering the lot, inside and outside. Whilst he did this I cleared out all our kitchen cupboard decluttered and also cleaned, I even cleaned the top of the units and the fridge, don’t judge me but I haven’t done this for two years :O took us a couple of hours and we felt SO much better for it, we also managed to declutter the conservatory and my goodness we can actually sit in it now! The rest of the afternoon we sat and chilled in the garden and it was B-L-I-S-S ♥

Oh yeah this mama went out with some work friends on Friday night, it was what we called a work stag night the week before the wedding! It included my first Nandos in easily four years or more, my first taste of Sangria plus other three drinks after that. I quit drinking when I fell pregnant and since that day I can count on two hands the amount of drinks I’ve had, I just don’t feel the need to drink or really enjoy drinking that much anymore.  Whereas when I was nineteen I was out three nights a week drinking till I couldn’t drink any more 😉

Saturday as papa had given up his night out for me to go out (all the heart eye emoji’s for this man) I said to him to have the morning off and spend it down the allotment, part of me was like noooo don’t leave me to have a whirlwind toddler after having my first decent amount of drink in months and only sleeping for five hours, papa don’t gooooo! But that stayed in my head and I sucked it up, packed a bag and off for a walk we went. Off we went to get babas feet measured, I refused to let him walk the way as it was early and I just needed ten minutes to breath and wake up, plus trying to push an empty buggy and watch him as the majority of the time he won’t let me hold his hand as he wants to run just isn’t a good combination! But to my surprise he was an absolute dream the whole morning! He even sat patiently on my lap when we waited for his turn to be measured, the shop assistant ruined it when she said to me ‘and what’s her name’ my face dropped,  we get this A-L-L the time, I think this point I was more annoyed than normal as I had personally cut back all his hair that week to try and prevent the whole ‘oh isn’t she cute’ thing. The boys spent the afternoon in the garden and walking over to B&Q to buy seeds for the allotment. Mama got a free half hour hallelujah, washing was put on, washing put away, the food processor was out and washed quicker than I could blink, chocolate brownies are in the oven and then it happens the heavens open and my boys are walking to B&Q in shorts ….. the phone rings and yep you guessed it it’s a ‘can you come and get us’ call! I made them wait in b&q for a bit so my brownies didn’t get ruined, this mama needs her cake fix! We were down to have cauliflower base pizzas for dinner, so I did the prep for that whilst the brownies cooked and even managed to wash up. I wouldn’t recommend the cauliflower pizzas my goodness it was an awful most awful taste. I’d seen the recipe all over Pinterest but nope it’s not for us.

Sunday oh the dreaded last day of our lovely time off :[ not much planned for today, we took Rue to the park in the morning and for a long walk before we took a breather for lunch. I sat down and watched Catfish, the only time I sat down alllll day until 8pm that night, I was grumpy come the afternoon as it was literally one thing after the other which would normally be fine but the heat was making the chaos unpleasant. It was one of those days where your trying to plan for the week ahead, we cooked a veggie chilli whilst rue was napping, we then went out and did the food shopping (god I hate this task) then it was home to cook rue’s dinner and then our dinner and then finally to cook a homity pie for the week. We try to batch cook our lunches for the week so it makes the mornings so much easier. I was glad when bedtime came and I could chill, apart from I then spent a good hour loading photos onto eBay to make some pennies to buy Rue some summer toys. I did manage to sit down for 45 minutes and watch the end of LOR and eat some of the gooey amazing brownie I made yum yum!

Although our week might sound hectic, hard, generally non-stop to us this was actually a breather and I got to see my husband for a decent chunk of time and talk adult conversations, we got to talk about our future and what we want to do and what we can do differently. Ever tried having these conversations with a toddler in toe just don’t even start you won’t succeed in a positive outcome. I felt like I reconnected with my boys, I didn’t have the what I call daily struggle of trying to keep everything afloat and make sure everything is prepared, done, organised, arranged. I also didn’t have to sit in traffic for roughly an hour every day just to get baba from nursery, I have to drive past home to pick him up from nursery and most times I’m sat outside the junction of our house in traffic and rarely get past third gear the whole way there :[

Sorry the post is so long but wanted to try and capture everything ♥



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