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Does anyone else have that one friend that they love to catch up with & generally adore being in their company, I love all my friends in different ways as their all so different & at different points in their lives.

I was catching up with a friend the other day who is always so open and so easy to talk too and whilst things were startimg to get on top of me the past few weeks she reminded me just how much I’ve achieved in the last twelve months, because we just keep going it’s so easy to forget what we’ve achieved! So from our conversation I’m back here writing about my achievements and what we have planned for this year

1.       Giving birth to Ridley, regardless of what way your baby enters the world you’ve still carried and delivered a baby (some people really struggle with carrying so this can be a challenge in itself!) the section was the most amazing experience (basing it on my first one) and I’m truly grateful to have this experience.

2.       Adjusting to life with two kids under 3 years old, boy how do people do two kids under two or even two kids in 13 months which my Juney did back in the fiftys with no washer/driers or even disposable nappies seriously how is that even possible? I must say I found my nine months of having both boys to look after whilst papa was at work a real joy & it was a seamless transition. Rue was at an age where I could reason with him and he would help out. I think it’s tougher on WM now as Ridley is so active and awake so much more that it’s harder to manage two different ages needs and also with Rue at school for three hours a day its real hard to do anything because your kind of restricted.

3.       Moving house – so we’ve never sold and brought at the same time this was our first time & even though its listed as one of the most stressful (maybe the second most stressful thing you can do … apparently) well we found the process was smooth, our buyers were no problem so that side was easy. The stressful bit was the property we was buying was currently rented and the people weren’t sold on moving so did cause us some issues but we got there in the end. At one point we went to view another property which was £25K more but oh it was beautifully done, for me I had one niggle which was the position of the house and that along with having to start the mortgage process again put us off.

4.       Returning to work and not just leaving both my babies but also leaving my husband was a huge adjustment for me! Not having WM here is just insanely heart-breaking for me, like so so tough. Even now nearly four months in I still feel as upset about it as I did in January. Leaving my boys in the morning doesn’t get any easier, even though some days are incredibly tough at home and I long to breathe again, I still crave being with them! Returning to work can be difficult depending on what role/ team you’re going back to, for me I was lucky I was able to return straight back into my role and increase my hours to make up for WM not working all whilst still having a Wednesday off. The tough bit was the amount of new people in my ever growing team and also a variety of new managers, this along with them not really knowing what they want from my role has made it really tough to find where I fit into the long term picture.

5.       A new role – so last year whilst I was on maternity leave a colleague suggested that I apply for a new role within my current team, but this role came up exactly the time I was moving into our house renovation project and sometimes you’ve got to know when to cut your losses and for me this just wasn’t the right time. When I came back to work in January the role was being re-advertised (the first attempt didn’t secure anyone) so I applied, scary for me as I’m not great with putting myself out there with a chance of being rejected, but with the support from some amazing people I went ahead. Two interviews and a presentation later and I’ve been offered a new role for the next twelve months with the option of coming back to my previous role if the job isn’t made permanent. I am so so excited for a new challenge, something I can get my teeth stuck into!

So it’s been a busy year & you might say stressful, I feel like I’ve just waved through the ups and down’s with no real tears or breakdowns and just basically got on with it, it’s been tough at times but I wouldn’t say those are the bits I remember, the bits I remember are the times with my boys, the chats Rue and I have, the places we visited, the beautiful sunshine we had all last year!

This year won’t be half as crazy 😉 the first four months we’ve been pretty distant from everyone whilst we adjust to new ways of living and it’s been perfect, to give ourselves that time without putting added pressure on! I think we’ll actually carry on like this for at least this year as things are about to change again as WM starts a new evening job tonight (isn’t he just amazing, I am so super proud of him for putting himself out there and getting offered not one but two roles, for working an evening, for having the kids alllll day, doing up the house and then going to work!) so it’s going to be another one or two months of settling into a new way, I’ll be finishing work and coming home with us all having tea together then papa will be off to work whilst I put both kids to bed. It’s going to be incredibly tough and tiring (even more so than now) on us both but we can do this together and we will. It does mean no evenings out during the week but to be honest I think I’ve had about six weekday evenings out since Ridley was born of which I’ve always been home by 9pm latest.

We have three holidays planned for this year (two in the UK & one abroad (booking soon Crossed Fingers on Apple iOS 11.2) and I’m so excited for time together, making memories & seeing new things! Let’s just hope the UK ones grant us with dry weather (fingers crossed again) – we’re trying to get in as many holidays as we can before Rue starts school in Sept 2019 and its financially impossible to do anything ever again (hand hitting face) and I’d really really love for us to knock out our en-suite and finish off our bedroom but we’ll see.

This year we’ll have a one year old and a four year old and it’s just crazy to think this is us now, we are a family and I’m so super grateful for every day I get to spend with these boys of mine, since having Ridley my outlook has been far more positive than ever before and I’m really embracing it as much as I can.

Love The Maguires


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