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I thought I’d do a little (it’ll probably be long post 🙂 ) about us – who we are/ what we do & what are goals are

My oh my where do I start …. I suppose William & I being together comes down to a lovely friend of ours Miss Luca who kindly suggested WM as a future boyfriend a couple of days after I had just split from my previous boyfriend, if it wasn’t for her I can’t say I would of ever thought of WM in that way. I suppose I hardly knew him, we worked different shift patterns which rarely crossed over so we never saw each other. But as soon as George had mentioned him and we walked into the staff room who was stood that but WM, was that fate, was it slightly awkward, was he in a mood because he was working the weekend – yes to all of the above 🙂 but that was my chance and so I took it and did that awkward seventeen year old thing where you try too hard & for all of you who know WM he is so not that way inclined so how we ever hit it off I don’t know! It seemed to work though as that night he went and got credit just to text me, he apparently never had credit & do you remember the days of credit 🙂 from there we hit it off and starting going out a couple of weeks later and we’ve been together ever since, it hasn’t all been a smooth ride I’d be lying if I said it had been but on the majority like a good 95% it’s been the best being with him. We got together so young (17 & 21) that we did experience times where we drifted a little from each other where we was in different places & wanted different things but overall we realised that being with each other was more important. Shortly after we got together I left our workplace as I had another job & a college course and to be honest I was quite glad, there was a lot of bad vibes about us being together and I got pushed out a bit by some of the other workers, mainly because a few people were interested in WM and he didn’t feel the same, I remember someone getting all up in my face over something (it was actually what can only be described as a giant man) and WM was the first person there to defend me and step in, bear in mind when I met him he was so so skinny, like 28inch waist skinny! The amount of stories people would say or make up to try and put us off each other, which looking back now the stories are so pathetic, but it didn’t work and here we are, I think we out lasted every relationship in that company and there was a fair few. In the end WM moved on to as he wanted more of a 9-5 job, he did a few roles before ending up at the Trust in November 2008, three years after I started and we’re still here to this day.

We spent the next few years living at home, having our money, going on endless holidays and doing what we wanted when we wanted – this now feels like an eternity ago as our responsibilities have grown significantly in the last three years. WM is so easy going so when I mentioned about us starting to open a joint savings account I could tell he didn’t get the need for it like I did, but we did it anyway 🙂 we spoke about marriage after being together for five years but it wasn’t something that WM believed in like I did, I was brought up that you should be married before you have children and that’s something I know Juney would of wanted for her girls (& I’m so pleased that KJRS and I have both been brides before we become mamas). I soon accepted that this just wasn’t on WM’s radar and he’d much rather have a family, but later that year he surprised me on NYE’s with a proposal one I wasn’t going to turn down 😉 (this was December 2011). From here things started moving quite quickly and the following year we moved out and started renting our own place, we both got to the point where we couldn’t wait and in hindsight it probably wasn’t the right move as trying to save for a deposit and pay rent is never going to be easy but we was desperate to live together so we took that jump. We didn’t last long though and we was fortunate enough (with some help from my parents) to purchase our own home in August 2013! We only went to see one property and we fell in love with it there and then and that was it, that was the one for us. We looked at loads online but I knew what type of layout we wanted (a kitchen diner combined), we did get into a bidding war on an already cheap house but luckily we won! Admittedly when we moved in we realised why it was on the cheaper side, somethings you don’t think to check on your viewing like if the toilet flushes or the oven works 😐 . Within two months of living together despite not having a sofa or a bed for a while & a broken front door and a broken boiler (I could go on but I won’t 😉 ) two months later we decided to set the date for us to get married. WM said to me probably about a year of asking me to be his wife that it was never going to actually happen, like he had asked me but wasn’t intending on seeing it through, sounds really bad but he didn’t mean it in a mean way. But one night things changed, Juney has been poorly for such a long time and battled on bless her and I think each week he could see how much harder it was getting for me to watch her deteriorate and he knew it was so important to her that you got married before you had children and I too wanted to live by this but I was willing to compromise for him, because you have to compromise sometimes don’t you. In October 2013 we set the date of the 24th February 2014 as our wedding day and also eight years to the day we had been together,  from there we thought oh you know what better time to add a baba into the mix as well, you know a six month period of buying a house/ getting married and falling pregnant so that’s what we did 🙂 January 2014 we fell pregnant with Rue and a month nearly to the day later we got married with ten of the closet people in our lives beside us. Whilst a lot of people didn’t understand the small scale wedding we had and a lot of friendships were tainted because of this, I believe it all worked out for the best, I saw a quote a few months ago & it rings true with our lives ‘if you’re not losing friendships, then you’re not growing up’.

Eight months later a baba arrived, not willingly of cause 😉 but f i n a l l y he arrived and I was no longer bored after being at home all day for six weeks by myself, once I had Rue and to this day I don’t think I remember bored ha! Weird isn’t it because sometimes I’d love to have time to feel bored but people who do have time don’t want it. Those first few months were a blur (you’ve probably all heard me say that over and over) I’d love to re-live those days (well parts of those days, not the part where I struggled with my health) to smell that newborn smell to cherish every moment and to have the opportunity to enjoy every moment without obstacles in the way. It’d be so much easier to go back knowing where I am now & knowing that I can do this ♥ a lady said to me in Sainsburys when Rue was just three weeks old ‘make the most of it because they grow up so quick’ I looked at her with a blank face & all I could think of was how slow time was going but now I can barely remember those whole days we spent together at home so yeah just thought I’d share that moment as for me it speaks volumes, it’s been so hard at times but it does get easier and you do just have to go with it and do the best you can do. The biggest thing is don’t let people force their opinions on you to the point why they make you question yourself, we’ve been at the receiving end of some strongly opinionated people and it’s brought me to tears at times, WM on the other hand isn’t fazed by them. I’m quite opinionated on my feelings on what is & isn’t acceptable when you become a parent but I find I only speak my mind when I know it’s safe and other time’s I just say nothing because I don’t want to be one of those people that questions someone else’s way just because I don’t believe in it.

I ramble so much don’t I 🙁 ……

So to think this time next year we’ll have a little baby baba added into our family life and he or she will be six months old that is scary! Probably more scary for me knowing that I won’t be sleeping much of next year 😉 I’m not a coffee drinker or a drinker but I definitely think I’m going to need something to get me through those challenging times 😉



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