A day in the life of

I’ve been meaning to write some of these when I was on maternity leave which feels like forever ago ;( but hey better late than never!
So my morning can start anytime from 5am but my routine starts at 6am
6am – put Ridley’s milk on, wash & get dressed, make up & brush hair (sometimes 😉 )
630am – get Rue dressed, brush our teeth, make beds, tidy anything up & sort my lunch out
7am – spend ten minutes with the boys before I leave for my walk to work
730am – work mainly consists of data, data issues, running data selections, spreadsheets, data data and more data
430pm – finish work & walk home
445pm – home, quick change & Ridley is now firmly attached to my hip for the rest of the evening (I don’t encourage it it’s just where he wants to be)
5pm – we all sit and have dinner, WM cooks dinner in his spare time 💁🏼‍ I feed Ridley which is a never ending task he’s the biggest piggy ever! I quickly wash up before papa leaves for work & try and tidy up a bit & then papa goes to work.
545pm – we play either until bedtime or we play for a bit and then bath time, I bath the kids separately at the moment as Ridley gets annoyed if I bath them together 🙄 I try and bath each bab every other night.
630pm – bedtime, Rue gets into bed and waits for me whilst I give Ridley his milk & he goes to sleep.
7pm – Rue chats away & holds my hand & then falls asleep, providing Ridley’s asleep if Ridley doesn’t go down straight away it knocks on Rues bedtime
745pm – I head downstairs to fold any washing, do any lunch boxes, try & put out my uniform for next day (I used to be really good at this but not so much now) tidy away and toys I didn’t manage because Ridley wouldn’t let me put him down 💁🏼‍
815pm – papas home and rightly so he chills now till bedtime. If Ridley’s having a bad night I’ll stay with him until papa can come take over as he needs a break, we work this really well as a team & take it in turns each night with Ridley, Rue sleeps through fine but Ridley’s getting so many teeth he needs some extra reassuring some times. we might watch a tv programme or chill and chat until I go to bed
930/10pm – is my bedtime
1030/1130 – is WM’s bedtime
I definitely live for my Wednesdays off, long weekends & papas every other Friday night off (which he tends to work overtime ….)
And that’s a working day in our life right now, not much time to do much at all really but I’m hanging on dearly to the fact it’ll get easier in a couple of years – we’ve just got to hang on 🙌🏼🙌🏼
And yes WM did chop way too much off my hair off & i don’t particularly like it but he keeps telling me it’ll grow!


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