Cotswold Wildlife Park


Although it was a while ago I wanted to share some snaps for our visit to Cotswold Wildlife Park. We received tickets as a birthday present which was super lovely and it made for a lovely day out and the kids loved it, but me I struggled with the concept of animals in rusty old cages/ surroundings. I struggled even more with these poor animals being surrounded by screaming loud tourists. Can you imagine having that all day everyday gosh its awful.

But if you don’t feel the same way it’s a really good day out, I think tickets are £16 per adult which I think  is good for a whole day out. There’s lots to explore and get involved with, nothing feels crowded or cramped which I think is so important. Lots of places to have picnics if you wanted too, lots of green space for running and I found a little quite area for nap time which worked well!



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