5 whole months of you my baby

my baby is f i v e whole months! why is time going by so quickly? okay he’s actually nearly five & a half months as i’m as bit behind on my blog posts and i haven’t finished the four month post yet but you know πŸ˜‰

your the most smiley baba ever, you smile at everyone and anyone, even when you’ve never met them! you love your sleepyhead so much and mama believes this has been a real game changer, you have a little bit of porridge in the mornings and some fruit puree in the evening, you have your own highchair so you can sit at the table with us, you’ve just noticed your tootsies when your laid on your back, sometimes you do not stop chattingΒ β™₯, you love your dummy but only for sleepy time, Rue is you favourite person in the whole wide world and you just love it when he plays with you or strokes your head, you’ve just gone up a size in nappies and now we’re buying size four (nappies only go up to a size six), we’ve started buying you both matching clothes which i’m so excited for, you love to scratch still πŸ™ , you one happy baby and we all love you so so much!


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