I’m dedicated a post to my new tattoo because I just love it so much 😍 and because so many of you shared love and an interest in it!

So here I am blogging about it. WM and I used to always get tattoos, WM has 41 and I have 13 – it’s been a good three years since we’ve been to properly get one done, WM has a home kit which has been in frequent use this year, the latest is the date we met he’s tattooed onto his hand! Why has it been so long, we’ve had two babies & the house to maintain and when you get out of the flow of going it can be hard to find a decent tattooist that you trust.

WM had been to one studio most of his time going through the four tattooists there, he then came across a new one which he hammered hard for a couple of months until they moved on. My friend Hannah introduced us to a new studio (of which WM knows one of the tattooists it turns out!) and we booked it with the loveliest guy ever! Like defiantly what you need if your out of practice 🙋 or new to this type of thing.

We’ve recently borrowed some money from the bank and decided to treat ourselves to some new ink, I think we go without a fair bit as we always prioritise the kids or the house and decided this time to treat us! I found it really hard to pick one, I probably won’t be going back for a while so I knew this one had to be amazing! Well they all should be but you know. I didn’t even know where to start – I had a couple of ideas but I wasn’t 100% feeling them and felt like I was just picking them and not wanting them, Pinterest is where I search for all my tattoos. Whilst searching for what I thought I wanted I came across this design

And was like yes I need this! Why do I need this because it’s my boys, right there my boys. Why no faces, I didn’t want to replicate them on my body like for like and the foliage idea is to me beautiful! I love the simplicity of it and the fact its two boys, my boys and that’s it. No deeper meaning other than when I look at it I see my boys.

Sometimes things just feel right, this felt right for me, it’s hard to explain but this is me, like WM all of his tattoos (bar one, which admitted he got done because i chickened out of my first one and he had like five seconds to pick one!) I love and adore and make him who he is and I think this one does the same to me.

I only showed two people it before getting it, I nearly didn’t show WM but I did, he loved it but didn’t like my choice of where I was getting it done, I could of easily listened to him as he’s more of an expert than me and because I trust everything he says but this time I didn’t I stuck to my own idea and went for it on the back of my arm. Reason being is because I think the size of it works better on this part of the arm and because I am conscious when I’m older of tattoos and how they look and the placement of them, this is just me, not everyone will be bothered but I do try to put mine in places that will have less impact.

Its 2018 and a lot of people still judge people with tattoos and that’s fine, I probably do it too, but just not directly in front of them, we’re in a time where if you don’t agree with something that’s fine but your able to keep that to yourself you don’t need to vocally share or stare 🙂

Will I get more: yes

Will I get the boys names: hell yes

Does WM have any names: yes he has two of our names currently

Do you mind if the boys get tattoos: I can’t stop them I just hope their tasteful & suit their personality

Do you have any tattoos you regret: another hell yes

Does WM tattoo you: yes!

Will you get colour tattoos: hell no ….

Surely everyone should go through life with at least one tattoo ….. or is this the type of thing only someone with a tattoo would say 😉



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