4 outfits for 4 days

Recently we drove off to London and even though we have the estate car now i was still on my best behaviour to pack light, at the end of the day its bad enough packing to go for a few days and then unpacking when you get back let alone adding a massive washing pile too!

WM is amazing and takes hardly anything and always looks so good! i have always overpacked whenever we’ve been away, isn’t this just a girl thing? WM never moans but i thought enough is enough and i’m only taking one outfit per day. yes one outfit for alllll day! taking just one outfit is tough enough but i never know how i’m going to be feeling and what kind of bloating situation i’m going to have going on, which can make it a bit harder but i thought i wouldn’t let this hold me back and tried to plan untight clothes.

first up was my trusty higher wasted Gap floral skirt which i’ve had for a few years, perfect for driving hours in, teamed with a RI tee that has my ma’s year of birthday on (i’m trying to collect special years on normal t-shirts, i have three for 1984!) teamed with my New Look sandals, which you’ve all seen all summer ๐Ÿ˜‰

second day was papas birthday so i wanted to look a bit nicerย but and this is a big but we had a day to Kew planned and after seeing the traffic getting into the bit of London we stayed in i said to WM lets get the train, it was ยฃ12 for both of us return!! so as i was on the train i knew Ridley would be in the sling and team heat wave, 15 month old in sling, backpack, commute train journey and you get one very hot sweaty mama, luckily this dress doesn’t A show the sweaty chest i had or B that many creases, i’ve been caught out before and the creases from baby wearing in the heat can be crazy! i had planned ahead for at least one hot sweaty baby wearing train ride!

third day was a day of museums which we thought ahead we was going to drive into London which we did end up doing, i wanted something to cover my arms with a flexi waist band and let me tell you these Monki shorts do not disappoint, i got them on sale! but i was quite conscious from the photo that they looked really short, i’m so not down for short shorts ๐Ÿ˜‰ but i was pleasantly surprised and these are just a dream to wear! WM did look me up and down and ask me if this is what i was wearing today …. he never does this but i was just like yeah, the top has an open back to help with the leather seats and back sweat ๐Ÿ˜‰

last day we didn’t have to much planned and was more of a mooch and come home day with a stop off in Reading, so i wore my second favourite pair of shorts, the DIY cut some old jeans up pair, which i learnt you can’t cut skinny jeans and make shorts – this just does not work. it needs to be baggy style jeans which you probably already knew, these were my post maternity jeans which are now to big and fit perfectly for shorts. one recommendation don’t tumble dry hand cut shorts as they get smaller and smaller! and a mid length stripe tee from Tesco for ยฃ4, super easy and comfortable outfit for the journey home!

i did take three pairs of shoes with me which you might think is too much or too less, one was trainers, i only ever ever drive in trainers so these were essential, i so should of wore these to Kew my feet were dead in the sandals, so dead. one pair of sliders which are my alternative to slippers which occasionally get worn out and then my daily sandals.

could you pack this light for four days? its definitely something i want to continue to do as it fits nicely with my ‘efforts’ to be more minimalist and mix up existing items instead of buying new, i can’t say its easy at all but i keep tryingย ๐Ÿ’–



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