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Anyone else other than me desperate for an online shopping spree, just me? January seems to be going on forever and I feel like I’ve had no proper money in my account forever (it’s probably days but you know) I rarely go crazy when it comes to shopping mainly because I have a hundred things on our to buy list at any one time and you know what it’s like with babs they come first so mamas wish to finish that feature wall gets rolled over to another month & we just keep rolling in this household. Doesn’t mean I can’t look though and I’m a new firm believer in you only need a few key pieces (even if I am the biggest clothes hoarder & my mum currently has the b i g g e s t bag of my clothes some of which I haven’t worn in five years :|) I am trying to get better – a dear friend said to me last year, you only need a few key pieces which you can change up and then a few accessories to also change the feel of an outfit & she’s so right! So this year I’m trying or I’m going to try really hard to live by this motto. I have cleared out alllll my shoes, I mean when am I going to ‘pretend’ I can walk in high heels again, I can barely stay up past 10pm so their not going to see life anytime soon! I now own four pairs of shoes just four pairs including: my Adidas slip on superstars which I l i  v e in, my Dr Martens, my Adidas Gazelles and my black everyday pumps for work. Honestly I feel much better for having a shoe clear out (admittedly I didn’t have hundreds to start with maybe like ten pairs) I just need to be big & brave and do the same with my clothes especially now that we’ve lost a wardrobe in our house to make room for the babs – we have one normal size wardrobe between us …..

Send help/ tips/ love my way please ♡


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