2018 🌙

thank you to everyone whose followed or following along with my instagram/ my blog/ my stories. for all your likes, direct messages, supportive messages, love – each and every day you help me with your comments and messages.

i spend a huge amount of time on my content across my sites and whilst its not growing nearly half as quick as i would like it too i’ve come to realise thats okay, i couldn’t keep on top of thousands of followers as well as working full time and in the new year i want to try and reduce my screen time, i spend 8.5 hours sat with my head in some database a day and then watch netflix or blog it can’t be good for my eyes. Next year i might reduce how much of the boys i choose to share, some of you will know WM isn’t on social media and sometimes i over share and i don’t think this is the right think going forward. so i might take on a new path with my social feed next year, the boys will of course still be there but maybe slightly less 😉

so thank you for all your love not just in 2018 but always, i’ve met some beautiful souls through social media!



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