2017 e s s e n t i a l s ☮

It’s nearly two thousand and seventeen and I can’t quite believe it! 2015 was hard, real hard so 2016 was a welcome sight – I am a believer in a new year can make a difference if you choose to put the effort it to make it change for the better, I mean sometimes situations are out of your control but life is about trying to get to where you want to be, patience helps. 2016 was a lovely year for us and I look back on it so fondly & it was the first year where I said no more and focussed on my boys and it all feels so right, I don’t have as much free time/ any free time because i’m staying where I should be and thats right next to them. It’s amazing what a difference a year can make and how your life can change over that year without neccesarily realising it until you look back over that year, friendships constantly change when you have babas but I am so thankful for my friendship with Gowar, to have someone understand fully understand your life now is so important because i’m a true believer that until your in the situation of being a parent you can’t fully appreciate the changes it brings. 2017 I don’t have huge expectations for, i’m feeling relaxed about it and i’m looking forward to facing whatever happens as a family of four, with my husband and mama beside me I know I can do anything.

I’ve created a little flatlay of essentials that will help me in 2017 – flatlays are my new favourite thing can you tell 😉



  1. my Apple MacBook Air – always on this!
  2. These cute Hotel Chocolat penguins I got from a friend – almost too good to eat 😉
  3. my oh happy days diary, I picked this up from TK Maxx, I thought the pop of colour might help with a tired 2017
  4. Sanctuary ‘Mum to be bounce back body butter’ – i’ve never tried Sanctuary products so i’m super excited for this one and it smells amazing!
  5. My mummy wall decor I picked up in the sale from Sainsburys – I just haven’t decided where to hang it yet
  6. Pizza Express gift card – this was one of presents from my mama for one last date night before we have two babas!
  7. Reiss nail varnishes – I can’t wait to try these out, I love the shades, there’s one for every season ♥
  8. Pixi Petra under eye mascara – this was a gift off a sweet friend of mine and i’ve been trying it out lately and I love it!
  9. My instax camera – my third camera I now own and it’s just the sweetest!
  10. The sweetest friend picked me up this gorgeous vegetarian cook book and i’m super excited to pick some recipes for us to try next year! I love cook books so much ♥

One final thing that caught my eye on Pinterest was this 2017 mini list – I love lists and each year I jot down a few things i’d like to try and achieve during the year, this one was slightly different but I thought i’d give it a go and see how well I do 🙂




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