2 8 t h i n g s

So I thought as  its nearly my birthday and I’m turning t w e n t y e i  g h t 🙁 I’d do bit of a blog post about me, sorry if I’m boring you all 😉

3 things I love – comfy clothes, going out to eat & the smell of rain

My current favourite song: Usher Crash & Nykee Heaton Bad Intentions

How many tattoos I have – ten

How many jobs I’ve had: I’ve worked in three organisations totaling eleven jobs

Something I really really want: a family holiday to America

Meaning behind my blog/ URL: The meaning behind my blog is for us to look back & remember everything we’ve done as a family, the URL is pretty self-explanation we are the Maguire’s Family

My relationship with my parents: I speak to my mum every day without fail & see her as much as possible, she is an amazing person & does nothing but put us first all the time. I see my dad a couple of times a year, it’s more difficult to keep a strong relationship when it’s a long distance relationship

My closet friend whose similar to my life : Gowar – she is amazing! Always there to listen to my moans or woes and just totally gets the life I’m living. I am so thankful for our friendship!

A confession – I openly watch Rue eat the fluff between his toes

My future goals – to see more of the world with my family & to not get stuck in life like always try to enjoy it & explore it as much as possible!

My favourite stores –Oliver Bonas| Anthro| M&S |Tiger | Monki

My favourite Life| Fashion blogs – Taza, Barefoot Blonde & Honestly Ombre

Number of children I’d like – two most days and some days three 😉

Places I want to visit – the list is so long but here’s a few: Giants Causeway, Iceland, China, Japan, Cinque Terre, Rome

A goal: to take WM to Iceland for his fortieth

Something I hate: speeding, white socks on man & fly’s that get in your house on summer days

Something I love: putting washing on the line in summertime!

I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t eat fish – I’ll have been a vegetarian for twenty one years 🙂

My favourite boxsets: The Walking Dead | Breaking Bad | Gomarrah | Soprano’s

Twenties enough right – that way I can pretend I’m twenty again 😉




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