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It’s a new year and as ever I’m planning what adventures we can ‘try’ and get up to this year, I’m trying not to be over realistic as this year will also be a new learning experience for us having two babas under two and a half so it might be more a case of surviving each day rather then big ventures but hey a mama can try right?! I’ve been spending some time researching what day trips there are out there that meet our mini criteria of:

  1. not to far away from home (ideally we don’t tend to travel further than 1.5 hours for a day trip, might sound restricted but for Rue’s age if he sleeps too much in the car bedtime can be hard)
  2. price – some places charge extortion amount of money for entry even for little ones, this isn’t something we can do by the time you’ve paid for tickets/ petrol/ snacks etc it can become a hugely expensive day out
  3. value for money – I research what we would get for our money, how long we might spend there to see if it’s worth while and the facilities their have.

below are some options for us for the year and also some future options when the babs are older

First up is a ‘Day out with Thomas’ , one of the mums at nursery mentioned this day to me and it sounded perfect for Rue, we did try to take him for second birthday but the dates they had available didn’t work for us. I think (if he’s still into choo choo’s this is something we’d like to do in Summer). Ticket prices for adult is £15 each and £9 for children aged 2+, I’m not keen on paying for age under 3/4 but I understand not every place is going to be free entry 😉 there’s also a booking charge at £1.50 for adults and £0.90p for children 😐 the nearest railway to us would be either Forest of Dean or Gloucestershire Railway.

Secondly again was on our list for this year but whilst we’re both working full time it can make getting out and about a bit tough, so WWT Slimbridge looks really set up for families and all the reviews I’ve read really rate it as a family day out. I think the pricing also helps with an adult price of £13 and children under 4 are free! There’s a wet welly land here which I think Rue would love, I think it’s like a mini outside wet play area which would be perfect for summer. There’s lots of animals and things to see and Rue loves animals so he’d be in his element.

Bowood House is on my list, I haven’t been here since I was a child but I’ve heard good things about it now I’m a mama and people share their experiences 🙂 I’m not sure you get much for your money other than entry but I think on a summers day with it just being up the road if we took a picnic it’d be a nice almost full day out, the play areas are also really good I think so this should keep Rue occupied by the time summer is here as he’ll be that bit older. Ticket prices are £12 for adult and £7 for a child so I think if we did do it I’d definitely look to take a picnic and then maybe just get an ice cream whilst there.

Cotsworld Wildlife Park again I’ve heard so many people mention this place to me this year and again it wouldn’t of been somewhere I thought of as I haven’t been since being a little myself 🙂 I think this would be a really good value for money day out with so much for us to do, ticket prices are £14 for adult (if booked online) and children under 3 years go free.

Roves Farm, it may only be like up the road but we’ve not taken Rue, we’re not bad parents I swear 😉 we just don’t seem to get out as much as some people/ we love to be at home/ we’re always saving for something else. I think sometimes I’m put off by price, well actually both of us are put off by price, when we was at Harry Potter the other day you could have your photo taken on the Hogwarts train for £14 and WM looked at me like ‘why would anyone pay that, like why?’, I love the fact we’re so similar it does make life so much easier. You may be thinking tightasses in the back of you head but I like to think it’s more careful 😉 so yes an adult price is £9 and £7 for children aged 3+

Barbury Castle okay this one might surprise you but I can’t remember if I’ve ever been here 😐 we did try to get there last year but somehow the sat nav took me pretty much onto the Ridgeway with no parking and I really didn’t know where I was going and Rue needed feeding blah blah blah so we turnt round and went to Avebury instead so the day wasn’t lost 🙂 but I’ve had in my head now for a few months (once we decided we was ready for more babs) this image of the four of us up there flying kites and baby baba in a sling and I’m just so excited if we get the opportunity to make that work, i’ll make it my mission to get the boys to pose for phots their not interested in 🙂 plus it’s free, right?

Peppa Pig world – Rue is obsessed with Peppa so i’ve just added this one onto our potential list, quick research is telling me its 1hour and 15 minutes away which is much better then I expected, ticket prices are £27.25  for an adult (for an advance ticket) & children under 1 metre are free. Or is babs are bigger than one metre a family price for three people over a metre is £79.25 :O. Whether I think this is worth the money is hard to say, I can see there’s an outside wet play area if its nice, a selection of fairground style rides indoor soft play, meet Peppa & George, an outdoor playground, a car riding area – actually there does seem to be alot to do if the weather is good but my gosh it feels alot of money.


Future days out:

Longleat – is definitely on my list for ‘one day’ again the price is a big put off for us at the moment £29 per adult if booked online and children under three go free. I think there’s a mini Thomas World there which Rue will love and there is a lot to do there but it just seems so expensive for a day out. I’d really like to do the festival of lights at Christmas time as this looks a m a z i n g so this is something I definitely want to do in a few years.

Leg0land – someone recommended this to me this year and introduced me to ‘Duplo Days’ offer they run, which is where the tickets are cheaper costing £25 for one adult and one child under five which I think sounds really reasonable compared to the roughly £43 adult online price and £4o child online, tickets are only available Monday through to Friday from the start of September to the end of October. Its also about timing it right as one person said they spent more time queueing then on the rides which I don’t think is fair to little ones.

Some trips we did this year:

  • Westonbirt Arboretum (adult £9, children under 5 go free)
  • Bristol zoo (adult online price £14.45, under two go free)
  • Bristol Aquarim (adult online price £11.33 and children under 3 go free)
  • Harry Potter (adult online price £37 and children under 4 go free)
  • So many National Trust places (Avebury, Kingston Lacy, Cliveden, Dyrham Park, Stourhead, White Horse Hill, Badbury Clump and Tyntesfield)
  • Millets Farm free entry (pumpkin picking/ maze/ animals/ play area)

I’d love to hear if you have any days out planned or any suggestions of places for us to try 🙂



  1. January 22, 2017 / 11:30 am

    I always get to the weekend and say right what should we do today, usually results in nothing or the most expensive day out ever! Great idea to think ahead and actually cost it all up… #properadulting xx

    • boeywmx
      January 23, 2017 / 8:17 am

      thank you lovely! Or a totally stressful day because its last minute 🙁 i’m trying to research all the places now ready to jump on any deals that they have 😉 its all about the deals! xxx ps thank you for the comment made me smile <3

  2. Rebecca Twigg
    January 24, 2017 / 6:12 pm

    Roves farm really isn’t worth the money babe. We took Johns nephew around 2 years ago and we were done in just over an hour!
    Just as well to save that money and put it towards something else.
    Haven’t been myself but loads of people rave about Butterfly World at Blooms garden centre xxx

    • boeywmx
      January 26, 2017 / 7:51 am

      Thank you babes! Always good to hear from people who have been 🙂 I get so put off by the price especially when you have to start paying for little ones. Funny enough I was at the soft play there yesterday but never been to Butterfly World I will check it out – thank you! Hope you & bump are well 🙂 xxx

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