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So it’s fast approaching that time of year and although we don’t actually exchange any presents for the adults in the Maguire household I have this year (as realistically we won’t be able to afford much next year/ the year after / ever again….) I have created a homemade adult advent calendar where 95% of the doors are filled with sweets but a select two have been filled with a special surprise for WM and two for me (plus I already know what one of mine is as I totally asked for it haha). I’ve still put together a little post on what would be on my realistic Christmas list vs my dream Christmas list, we don’t do presents within my wider family either, this is the second year we have chosen not to buy for one another but instead spend the day together, enjoy each other’s company and eating all of my aunties food!

First thing on my list and this is the one I actually asked papa to pop inside one of my doors on the calendar is a DSLR flower lens (which blocks the sunlight to prevent glare on my photos) sounds totally geeky but I think it’ll come in super handy for photos especially next summer when I’m bound to be snapping the four of us a l o t.

Secondly again revolves around my DSLR/ smart camera is a tripod to screw them both onto , I’m keen to start trying to take some family videos of us and I think this will come in really handy plus trying to balance my camera on a ledge/ edge of a building when we go on adventures is never a safe option. Also the one I’ve chosen is a starter model which is no more than £15 and is recommended by a famous blogger so it’s virtually a crime not to try it out! 😉

Thirdly is something some of you will laugh at, the Jamie Oliver Christmas cook book, it’s widely known I can’t cook, WM is the cook in our house, he cooks dinner for us e v e r y evening without fail. But I tend to love cook books and picking out new recipes which I then buy all the ingredients for WM to cook it – I can’t help it I just have a thing about cook books, although being a vegetarian I must say there isn’t always a lot I like out of the book.

Fourthly is a lovely set of Reiss nail polishes which I stumbled across whilst flickering through the Boots Christmas magazine, its known to most that my nails are atrocious and quite clearly embarrassing. I did go through a phrase of having them done professional at the beginning of this year but the up keep & the cost just wasn’t working for me anymore. My nails after where in a really bad way & were clearly damaged from the acrylics. I’m now determined to get them in a decent state for when I become a mama of two because I really don’t want to be one of these people (anymore) with horrible looking nails.

Lastly is something I’m unsure whether to purchase or just to make do – maternity pyjamas – I didn’t invest in any last time but as I was pregnant throughout summer there wasn’t really a need. But this time being pregnant during the whole of winter is slightly different and I feel the cold so much more than WM & Rue – those two go to bed practically unclothed where I’m wrapped up in layers/ sleeping bag/ slipper socks/ hoody. I’m still unsure even though even if I’ve pretty much just justified it.


Dream list:

Is this beautiful phone case from Rifle Paper Co which I’ve been swooning over for many months now but I just can’t bring myself to spend £30 on a phone case even though I don’t plan on getting rid of my phone for a while – is anyone else paying stupid amounts each month for their iPhone or is it just me!

We’re hoping to change our TV area in the lounge and I’d love to create a small cushion/ book area & in my head I know what type of cushions I want, I just didn’t realise the price of them 🙁 Bombay Duck have some lovely cushions and pouffs at the moment, Black Friday did tempt me but I resisted …. Just 😉

Go Pro this has been on my list f o r e v e r and I was so close to buying one the other day, totally didn’t have the money in my account at the time but I was prepared to transfer it there and then and then I woke up and realised it wasn’t a good idea 🙂  but still on my would love love love list!

Vintage bike – I hired a bike from the council over summer for six weeks and it was the best thing, we went out in the evenings/ I cycled to work (admittedly only one day a week because of nursery commitments)/ we’d go out at the weekend – it was fab! I decided not to purchase the bike after just because it wasn’t the right timing as I knew I was pregnant so wouldn’t be up too much over the winter months plus storage is a problem. WM has a very professional bike which takes up a lot of room in our conservatory and trying to add another in just wasn’t working, so until we purchase either a house with a garage or an outside bike storage solution it’s off the list.

Finally is a replacement for my empty bottle of Estee Lauder La Vie Est Belle perfume, my aunty brought me this two years ago (I make things last!) and it’s just coming to the end of its life and I’m super sad about it! It wasn’t a perfume I asked for or even knew existed but I absolutely adore it and I’m hoping maybe I can pick up a replacement in the sales, £50 just seems a bit steep to be paying on perfume at the moment/ since the day we brought our house 😐

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