12 weeks of you ….

my darling boy, you make me so happy, i feel so blessed to have you and to be doing this again in a much warmer situation then previously. we all love you so much, Rue is constantly all over you, he always puts an extra board out for you when we play lotto and he tried sharing his chips with you the other day ♥

thank you for being my beautiful boy – you are just beautiful & you make mama very very happy!

i can’t wait to watch you grow & your relationship with your big brother!

we love you Ridley William Maguire


all photos are un-edited so yes my undercut does need shaving, my bra is clearly too tight & is exposing my back fat, i do look pregnant in some of these photos, that is a dismantled cot just randomly in our bedroom, the most unattractive fan is chilling on the bedside, you’ll always find WM’s clothes from the night before on the bed or the floor, yes Ridley and I have many chins between us – just keeping it real over here 😉



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