12 month house update 🏡

So here it is one year at number 15 (actually it’s more but I’m only just getting round to this post ) 😉

Last time in my six month post I covered what we achieved and today I’m doing the next instalment.

Two big massive things have happened since my last post, we’ve had all new windows and doors throughout the house! The old windows were dodgy very dodgy, being an ex-rented property you’d think these were inspected and safe but most definitely not. Ridley’s we couldn’t even open as the handle was so dodgy. I think the front of the house now looks pretty wow, I was brave and chose a sage green front door with a glass side pane, we matched the garage wall the same colour and although it could be perceived as samey samey I actually really like it. one thing to mention about the windows is the positioning of the handles, some of the windows I couldn’t reach the opening due to the room layouts and now we’ve opted for handles on the bottom of the windows which is life changing. My favourite has to be the reintroduction of the French doors out the back. It lets so much light in and as we get the sun in the garden throughout most of the day its beautiful to have the doors opening out to the garden on a summers day. William very often lays on the lounge floor to get some sun and heat, it’s a mini sun trap there.

The next big thing and maybe even bigger, is the removal of the en-suite in our bedroom AND the creation of our utility room downstairs. I cannot tell you how much these two things have changed the dynamic of the house! The utility was created from the two downstairs en-suites which was eating into most of the garage and was never used by us – we’ve regained some garage space for our bikes and also removed the random room layouts. The second ensuite was actually used as storage by us. We’ve changed this and opted for a utility area after seeing my dear friend Grace creating one in her cottage. We used to have the washing machine in the conservatory as there wasn’t any room in the kitchen due to the layout and this was a right faff. Whilst there’s a fair bit of room in the utility we’re not going to whack up a hundred units instead we’re going to keep it plain and simple. I’m really keen on less is more as a cramped house really affects my mind. What’s left to do: WM has started painting and probably has one or two more coats and its done, we’re just doing it white and then hoping for this flooring.

Removing the ensuite from our bedroom has really opened the room out and I adore our room now, it was a really awkward shape before and even if we wanted the ensuite we couldn’t open the door with the positioning of our bed! We’ve put our dresser where it was and I can finally have my full length mirror in the room instead of being stored in the wardrobe. Little things make me happy 🙂 there’s still a fair bit to do in this room, WM has started painting but paused for now, life is getting in the way, we finally need to treat ourselves and get carpet, we haven’t had any since we moved in, a bed too we haven’t had a proper bed since we left number 70. And then in the future I’d like to change the wardrobe by buying a pre-made structure from IKEA, these aren’t that expensive but I think will look much better than what we currently have.

The lounge is almost there, WM has started painting, how many times you heard this sentence now 😉 we had a small tub of blue paint hanging around it was originally going in Rue’s room but we never got round to it and decided it’d look good in the lounge alongside a grey colour but now I think we’re going to go all out and have a blue lounge, it sounds nasty when you read it but I love the blue and feel we need some colour as our whole house is white :O once that’s done the lounge is ticked off. Although lately we’ve been talking about moving the dining room to somewhere else, we don’t know where but we’d really like to not have it in as a lounge/diner and instead one massive lounge space.

Ridley’s room is complete.

Rue’s room is complete. Minus another lick of paint 😉

The main bathroom, WM has laid the flooring, when the builders was working on the ensuite which was right next door something got damaged and our main bathroom floor was more ruined than before so we brought some flooring finally. The next steps for the bathroom is to replace the bathroom suite and retile, maybe, I don’t really want to because of the cost, but where we’ve removed the shower there’s about six smallish but visible holes. Plus when we come to take out the bathroom suite we might have no choice but to retile.

The hallway is getting there, we still have plans for it or at least I do. The floor tiles need to come up and be replaced but these also flow into the kitchen so we can’t really rip them up until we in a position to replace the flooring throughout. William has also boarded in the stairs which has made a huge difference and is much safer for the boys, we need to carpet the stairs and the hallway at the top to match the boys carpet. I think the area could do with another lick of paint and the exposed staircase probably needs a lick too. My plan is to turn the underneath stairs into a desk area but on a low cost budget to start with because I’m not sure how much it’ll be used. I’m thinking it’d be a good place to blog and for Rue to do his homework. But as like before sometimes we have ideas and then new ideas or never used the ideas so my plan is to do it simple an cheap and then if we use it expand it into a better solution.

The kitchen two changes here one is the bricking up of the old doorway to the conservatory so now we have a really long windowsill with the sink underneath and eventually a dishwasher. I find our kitchen quite an awkward shape to make work, there isn’t really room for a radiator as its current location I need to move because I’d like to put a dishwasher in its place.  We picked up a second hand sideboard from eBay which we adore and I’m hoping to find a big pantry style cupboard to go alongside it which will reduce the need for too many kitchen cupboards to store cereals/ tins/ treats/  baking stuff. The kitchen won’t be in action any time soon a good couple of years which isn’t great but is what it is. The whole room needs guttering, replastering and new flooring before we can even start changing the kitchen layout.

Last but not least and hopefully the next item on our to do list is to remove the conservatory and turn that bit of the garden into a decking seating area and at the same time reduce the drop between the outside split space and lay either grass or astro turf, we’d really like astro but a good quality one costs lotsa. The conservatory removal isn’t as easy as we have gas and electric in there which need disconnecting which trying to find someone for a relatively small job is effort. I’m still dreaming out an outdoor space area for the boys for next year (fingers crossed)


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