10 things I don’t want to forget

that our nineteen month old has been doing or saying lately ♥


1.| His happy little run dance – when he’s happy and excited his does this super fast on the spot run with the biggest smile on his face, he did it this week one evening before bed, we could of been sat there thinking oh my goodness he’s not going to go to sleep tonight but instead we sat there watching him and looking at one another smiling.

2.| How he crouches down and puts one finger on the floor and points repeatedly whilst looking at me, he won’t stop doing this until I go to where he is or wants me to go. The other day in Argos i’m waiting to pick up our Dyson Slim Cordless (the hoover of all dreams! Oh my goodness it has changed our lifes, we had a Henry before and unfortunately the only person who liked him was Rue) and he was doing this on the entrance to the shop as he wanted to leave, i’d walk over to him and he’d run off (with papa) and then two seconds later realise I didn’t follow and come back and do it all again, it was the cutest moment.

3.| Everyone at the moment is ‘dada’ – i’m dada, dada’s dada, nanny’s dada. Soft play the other day he ran to the other end of the area and all I can hear at the top of his little voice is ‘dada dada’ and when I turn up everyone looks at me like …. okay. One sweet lady said it happens and that she had it all the time and now her daughter still doesn’t call her mum but by her actual name. Literally though ‘dada’ is on repeat all day every day as is ‘bubble’.

4.| His little tippy toes on his stool when brushing his teeth in the morning – we try and include Rue in all the stuff we do in the morning so he feels like he’s getting ready for his day too. So each morning as each one of us is brushing our teeth he stands on his little stool and brushes his little teethy twice, it’s the cutest! Although when he starts playing with the toilet brush or eating my toilet roll it’s not as great 😉

5.| I’ve recently started doing ‘this little piggy’ on him, I loved this growing up and have such fond memories of my nanny doing this too me! I started doing ’round & round the garden’ on his belly and he loves this, so we do ‘this little piggy’ at least twice a day now.

6.| How helpful he tries to be- he loves doing what we do, he likes using big boy cutley instead of the plastic cutley, he likes to sit on a big boy chair but can’t quite get up just yet 😉 so each day he helps me load up the dishwasher (with safe items) and he helps me put safe items away. He helps bring the food shopping in, he also helps put the washing into the washing machine and then takes it off the drier for me. I mean it takes me twice as long to do anything but he’s so happy when he’s helping 🙂

7.| When it’s raining and he runs into the conversatory and stands by the window pointing outside and saying on repeat ‘uh oh, uh oh, uh oh dada’

8.| Each morning we encourage Rue to get his own shoes and coat, as soon as we say ‘shoes’ he’s off and at the front door pulling all the shoes out of the shoe basket. Normally he brings back his shoes but not the same pair, this week every day he’s got matching shoes, such a clever little bear. He normally sits on our lap whilst we put them on but this morning he refused and all three of us had to sit on the stairs individually and put our shoes on that way.

9.| Every morning the three of us dance (really bad dancing) to the Little Princess theme tune at 7.10am – every morning, and if one of us is in the kitchen preparing breakfast be prepared to see the crouch and finger pointing! 😉

10.| How he gets the world ‘horse’ confused with ‘whore’ and just starts shouting out ‘whore’ on repeat – in the garden!




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