1 1 y e a r s m y l o v e ❤️

On this day eleven years ago we meet in a staff room, you ignored me and I followed you around like a puppy, you continued to hardly talk to me for the next few weeks but would message me a l l the time and here we are today standing next to each other, with one babe in our arms and another soon to be in our arms and I’m just so happy that its you that I will be stood here next too throughout my life.

The time we spend together now is so little that at times I struggle with this but when we do get some time it’s like we’ve never been separated by the world of parenting, we could choose to offload our babas more but this isn’t something we choose to do, the babys are only little for such a short while and that time goes so quickly we don’t want to miss out, especially when we’re working all week it doesn’t feel right to not see them at the weekend. Plus your mine forever so we’ll continue our adventures when the kids are older, if your not sick of me by then 😉

Thank you for always making me feel safe and loved, as long as your by my side I know we are all completely safe and that’s a value that has become so important these last few years. The love you provide to the kids and I is so far away from the ordinary male that I truly am spoilt by how much you do and give up for us, thank you.

If you didn’t know which I think you do I absolutely adore you and can’t wait to grow old with you ♥


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