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Oh my goodness it has been so long since i’ve done a favourites post, honestly the time is flying by at the moment, even if some days i’m just counting down the seconds to bedtime because i’m just desperate for a rest 😉

So my February favourites post consists of some of my favourite items i’ve picked up this month and  something a bit different – a little favourites board of childrens items ♥

First up is a new mascara i’ve been trying by Maybelline, its the Lash Sensational one, admittedly I don’t tend to try new mascaras as I am so fussy about applying mascara that I find I stick to ones I know work for me. This one came recommended on a blog so I was placing an Asos order anyway and this mascara was on there and on sale so I thought I just have to try it. At first I hated it, i’m not a fan of the plastic style application brushes, I like the bristle style (if that makes any sense) so I was automatically put off but i’ve been pleasantly surprised and would definitely pick this one up again.

Second item is the Loreal triple active day cream, I popped to Sainsburys with Rue to pick up another bottle of my trusty Olay hydration serum but honestly I don’t really like paying full price for things, I originally got this from Boots when it was half price and £10 for a bottle of serum seemed a bit to steep to me. I didn’t have time to properly look as Rue was going crazy pulling everything off the shelf (don’t you just love those moments) so I quickly picked this up for two reasons one I thought as it’s Loreal it should be good and two is was half price so I got it for £4. I’ve been applying it twice a day to help keep my skin soft and hydrated, once in the morning before applying make up and then again after i’ve taken my makeup off. WM actually told me the other day that my face felt soft so it must be working right as he had no idea I had changed my face creams 😉

Thirdly is some new bedding I picked up for the kids room, I saw the bedding on instagram and instantly fell in love with it! I had to have it, it doesn’t necessarily got with the curtains or the painted wall as their currently are but who cares (well me but still I had to have it) its the cutest alpacas bedding! We have a king duvet from Asda and the quality really holds it’s own, plus both of the sets are reversible so your technically getting two sets of bedding for one 😉 and at just £9 for a single who can say no!

Fourth is the cutest cactus wall decor I picked up from Etsy recently, I first came across Naomi again via instagram and the cactus immediately caught my eye, at the moment I really have a thing for cactus’s. I knew I wanted it for the kids room and it certainly didn’t disappoint when it arrived, all I need to do now is decide where to hang it – i’m trying not to over power the room with bits & bobs so i’m thinking long and hard about where each item goes. I’m all about the feature walls/ garlands/ photo frames/ wall decor so for me it’s quite a challenge!



So i’ve picked up a few bits for the kids this month which i’m super excited about, the first is these gorgeous space pyjamas from Joules which I picked up for Rue ready for the winter, I know I shop way to far in advance 😉 I love Joules clothing for children but even the Outlet prices aren’t within my price range so I was amazed to pick these up for £8.95 down from £26.95 – I just absolutely adore them.

Secondly is a spiderman fancy dress outfit, i’m writing a separate post about this so don’t want to give too much away 🙂 but yes a spiderman outfit that I picked up from ebay for £1.04 plus p&p. Kids fancy dress can be so expensive and i’m always stuck between going for a cheaper version or getting the proper version this time I managed to get the proper version (originally from the Disney Store) for a fraction of the price! Winning allll day with these kind of moments 🙂

Thirdly I picked these mini papa trainers up for Rue bear earlier this year from Nike at the Outlet for something like £8 😉 whilst Rue’s currently not in trainers at the moment (we personally prefer to keep him in Clarks shoes till he’s a bit older, but everyone to their own) I brought these in a size ready for next year …. I know right super organised/ crazy mama over here! Oh and if you hadn’t noticed we only do black trainers over here as a rule, black with white on is allowed but pure white is a no – no! 😉

Happy Thursday ♥



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