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Christmas 2 0 1 9 🎅🏻

It felt forever off and we did nothing in the build up to it because it was a time of sickness, tonsillitis and surviving the mayhem. These people with kids who take them to all…

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Avebury at Christmas 🎄

When you plan to spend the day with your eldest and both your best friends but the nursery has a norovirus bug and you decide to not let your youngest go in for the day…

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Life according to my iPhone – October 2019

October has come and gone and its made me think about what to do with this little space, as much as it puts a smile on my face every time I open it up it…

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Rueben is f i v e 🎈

and just like that we have a beautiful intelligent five year old whose excelling at school, I can’t quite believe Rues five already! Oh man it’s starting to get scary at how much he’s his…

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Life according to my iPhone – September 2019 ✡️

I saw on a friend’s Instagram a story that said ‘September lasted all of 2 hours’ and she’s 100% right. I do think this is life now, the days and weeks just blur into each…

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